Hello pretty people!

A super quick outfit post. I am wearing a floral shirt with a high – waist skirt and sheer stockings. My super hot platform heels and tan bag complete the look. 

I am in a bit of a hurry so the extremely tiny post. Hope you enjoy the pictures!



Photography by Anushi Saigal

PS: Opeth tomorrow! Yay! Too much excitement is happening! 😀 

Shirt – Bombay High
Skirt, necklace – Gifted
Shoes – Asos
Bag – Globus
Stockings – Le Bijou


Geek Chic!

These are pictures from a styling assignment I did recently where I had to style a simple white t – shirt on my room mate Anushi (Who is also an awesome photographer. You can see her work for my blog here and here.)

I picked the theme Geek Chic for the look. I paired the white t – shirt with a polka dotted high – waist midi – skirt and a fitted black blazer. I played up on the geek element with purple framed glasses and a bow brooch with lace detailing. I added some colour to the ensemble with an orange waist belt and super hot red sling back heels. The hair was tied in a loose messy braid which can be a quick fix for a bad hair day…



PS: Please excuse my horrible photography skills. 

Blazer – Tibetan Shopping Centre
T – Shirt, belt – Random street shop
Skirt – Gifted
Shoes – Zara
Bow Brooch – Westside

Heaven Forbid

Givenchy, Alexander McQueen, DSquared were among the many designers to showcase velvet in their pre – fall collections. It is one fabric which you can definitely add to your wardrobe without the worry of it going out of fashion anytime soon. 🙂

I’m wearing an empire waist mauve top with black pleather pants. I teamed these with a blue shrug and blue shoes… both velvet, a ring with intricate detailing and an antique necklace. I added a pop of red with a velvet dotted purse and red lips. Here are the pictures!

Photography by Anushi Saigal



Shrug – Designed by sister
Top – Old Navy
Necklace, purse – Gifted
Pants – Splash
Shoes – La Judi
Ring – Forever New

Creating Beauty

I have always found editorial shoots fascinating. I love to flip through magazines as soon as I buy them and look at the in between pages for the fashion story of the month. The latest trends in hair, makeup, clothes and accessories all come alive in those few pages. I love to see beyond the images… to notice how the stylist created a mood, a scenario, by teaming just the right pieces with each other. How the makeup artist used a face as a canvas and expressed their part of the narration. How the photographer ever so tenderly took care of each and every aspect before the model came on set. How the model effortlessly embodied the imagination of everyone around her and made beautiful pictures happen.

It’s alluring… the whole process of creating pictures which stun.

Pictures which make you feel like knowing the person in them. Ones which draw you towards them in such a way that by the time you realize it, you have already been staring for too long. Images which take you to another time, place, and another you. Which make you feel emotions that flow out of nowhere and have no reason for their existence. Ones which make you look twice at them. Entrancing you. Ones which mesmerize.

I love looking at beautiful pictures and thinking of all that went into the making of that one shot… chosen among hundreds which leaves everyone spellbound… seemingly perfect in every way.




Hello pretty people!

Cropped jackets are all the rage for pre – fall 2012. From Derek Lam to Rebecca Minkoff cropped jackets made an appearance in many a collections. I am wearing a cropped denim jacket with a zipper. I paired it with a racer back top and a black high – waist skirt. I absolutely love over – the – knee socks. (Just bought a pair in grey. Yay!) I teamed these black ones with black platform wedges. For accessories I stuck with a black braided belt, a studded silver bag, aviators and rosaries.

Photography by Anushi Saigal



PS: Will be doing a post on spring couture 2012 soon. 🙂

Aviators, clutch – Splash
Denim jacket – Leelan
Top – Ginger
Skirt – Random street shops
Socks – Le Bijou
Wedges, belt, peach rosary – Gifted
Black Rosary – Guapo

Planet Caravan

So many outfits… so little time.

I am wearing a grey tent dress cinched at the waist with a black studded belt. I played with shades of grey, silver and purple (some of my favourite colours) to put this look together. I paired the dress with my sequined jacket (Also worn HERE). I accessorized with aviators, a tie and dye scarf and my silver studded clutch. (Oh, how I love studs!) The fact that my hair still has a teeny tiny bit of purple left, helps.

Take a look at the pictures and tell me what you think!



PS: My blog will soon be completing a year. Super excited! 🙂
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Aviators, clutch – Splash
Jacket – Sarojini, Delhi
Scarf – Tibetan Shopping Centre
Dress, belt – Random street shop
Shoes – Pink Paisley

For the Boys

All my guy friends have been telling me to write something for them. But I don’t really know/follow much of men’s fashion. I just like guys to keep it simple in a crisp white shirt or a nice t – shirt and well – fitted jeans. I am totally cool with that. 🙂

However, a few daring ones actually break out of their comfort zone and are a bit more daring with their choice of clothing and turn out impeccably dressed. So here is a list of things that I think look very fashionable on men.

1. Sunglasses (Only during the day. NOT at night or in a club or indoors) Wayfarers look good too.

2. Scarves and skinny ties

3. Layering (Sweater over shirt, jacket over t – shirt, checkered shirt over t – shirt, denim jackets, leather jackets – where the weather permits,  waist coats – on some, bow ties – on some… mix it up)

4. Socks – If your socks have a nice print or are striped or are nice as such wouldn’t mind seeing a centimeter or so from under the pants. Adds a nice touch. (Look at the picture below)

5. Shoes! Just keep them clean. 🙂 I love oxfords and loafers on guys.

6. A watch (Prefarably with a big dial and leather strap. Nothing too blingy)

7. A sling bag. Clean, neat, prefarably leather.

8. Do wear perfume. (I love Davidoff Cool Water and Emporio Armani Diamonds)

9. I don’t like pink on guys. But that is just a personal choice. Many of them pull it off really well.

10. If you wear formals, make sure everything fits really well. It can end up looking very sloppy if it doesn’t.

Just be comfortable and confident…

Here are some pictures by Tommy Ton of some of the best dressed men in the industry. I love, love, love Tommy Ton to the verge of being almost stalker – ish! Enjoy the flawlessness!