Stocking clad skinny legs.

Anyone can dress up and be glamorous but it is how people dress in their days off that are the most intriguing. – Alexander Wang

Everyday is a fashion show. Why look second best when you can be the best? It’s all about feeling glamorous, beautiful and confident. Be it a walk in the park, a run to the grocery store or a fancy party. Look your best, not because you might stumble into a prince charming but for yourself. Experiment, figure out what works for you and your body type, check out a fashion magazine or two and stay in touch with what is happening in the industry trend wise.

Everyone has their own unique style which can be worked  with. Something that makes a person feel comfortable or ‘themselves’. I love to wear black. My mum has tried several ways to drive me away from buying black clothes and introduce more colors into my wardrobe. But has never been successful. Black is a part of my style and who i am, in a way. It makes me feel ‘myself’. Try and find YOUR style. Something that defines you. Look up to other people, your friends or celebrities for inspiration but never blindly copy what they are wearing. Try to be original, add your own twist to it. Be creative. Love yourself and feel beautiful when you look at yourself in the mirror. Wear clothes which make you feel like a glamstar.

That does not mean you show up to the gym in heels, i love heels and would wear them everyday but there are some places where they just don’t work! Dress according to the occasion. Understand that different places demand different outfits. Style yourself well. Add maybe a piece or two which will make you feel glamorous without over doing it.

Being a borderline shopaholic I would love to keep adding items to my wardrobe. But lets face the facts, we all live on a limited budget. So you need to be smart about the purchases you make. A few key pieces will help you work with your looks much better. Every girl should have these wardrobe basics. Watch out for my next post for more about wardrobe essentials.

Till then,

Be glam, be chic, be fabulous.




6 thoughts on “Stocking clad skinny legs.

  1. Hey now thats a gud piece of info. Its an eye opener for a lot of people who have now idea about fashion. As I’ve people still have a nude image of fashion, what are your views about that. let me know 🙂

    • It means a lot of people still think being fashionable, means a lot of skin show. As we know quite a few sexy looks thats been fashioned by designers and media scares a few people in countries like india 🙂

      Nude image of fashion is a term coined by me to represent the unrealistic or unconventional fashion looks projected in films and media.

      • Hmmm okay I get it. I feel fashion is about creating wearable art. There are a hell lot of options. If one can carry off clothes that are revealing they should go ahead, those who can’t can stick to being covered up. It also depends on the occasion you are dressing for. Not all designers show case a lot of skin show. Some pieces are wearable some aren’t. Some people are more experimental in their dressing others stick to their comfort zone. And as far as Bollywood movies are concerned there are hardly a handful which are styled well. I think a designer should be true to his concept. If it requires skin show he/she should go for it. 🙂

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