To have or not to have.

So many of us end up spending way more money on shopping spree’s than we decide to. I used to be one of them, still am occasionally. However, I must admit I have certainly become a bit smarter when it comes to shopping. There are certain items which are necessary to have a versatile wardrobe. I am not saying that you can’t dress well without having these, but it does make putting a look together a lot easier.

I think every girl should have a pair of well fitting jeans. The perfect pair which makes your butt look hot and your legs sexy model like. The waist line of the perfect pair of jeans will never cut into your skin. Stick to a dark colour, preferably black or dark blue and go for a skinny fit or straight cut. Go with the classic plain jeans without wash, embellishment, rips or any other kind of surface development. I’m not saying you shouldn’t experiment with trendy pieces [I literally live in my blue ripped jeans] but keep the trendy pieces for later investment. Yes, I think every piece of clothing you buy is an investment in a way. Search long and hard for the right jeans, cause trust me once you find that pair you will know it was worth it. You can wear your jeans almost everywhere. Team them with flats, wedges or heels depending on the occasion. My tip for people who are on the chubbier side, don’t go for jeans which are too low. Go for waistline an inch under your navel or so. This will tuck those love handles in and give you a slimmer look.

Another one of my favourite pieces is a crisp white shirt. I personally like mine to be oversized for a kind of androgynous look but if you need to be formally dressed get one which is well fitted. I love teaming my white shirt with a tuxedo jacket and formal shorts. It looks so chic! There are a gazillion ways to style a white shirt. Tuck it into a floral high waisted skirt to make it look feminine or high waisted flared pants for a formal look, wear it out with ripped jeans and some serious booties for a rocker chic twist [My personal favourite] or with leggings and flat boots [only in winter and ONLY if its long enough to cover your butt] with a thrown on cardigan. Play it up or play it down. Have fun with it.

Try and add a few plain t shirts in solid colours as well. They can be useful on those ‘blah’ days when all you care about is comfort.

Please invest in a pair of simple ballet flats without too many details. You can literally wear them with everything, even for a night out when you want to dance the night away. I see so many girls wearing these hideous [Sorry but that is the appropriate word] flat sandals with diamonds and straps and all sorts of weird things. Trust me, those do NOT look good. AT ALL! Even hundred rupees rocksters look better than those. Why not buy them instead? [Rocksters are these simple chappals available  in Bangalore, in all sorts of colours. They are cheap and look pretty decent.] Simplicity is key when in doubt.

Invest in some sort of jacket or cardigan which you can just pull over for effortless chic, also to keep warm. Buy it in a neutral colour so that you can team it with most of the clothes which are already in your wardrobe.

These are some of my key pieces to help you get started on a wardrobe that can be worked with. Never forget to accessorize. A statement necklace, chandelier earrings, a studded bag can easily make your outfit look glam, however never wear two statement pieces at the same time. Keep in mind the mantra Gabrielle Chanel [My favourite designer of all time] gave us, “When accessorizing always take off the last thing you put on.” Sometimes less is more.

Have fun with it, dress according to your personality,




2 thoughts on “To have or not to have.

  1. This was simply amazing. I think it taught me a thing or two also. Hats off to you Shinnu. Love it. Keep it up.

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