Glam in five.

I have so many friends who have absolutely no clue to what lies in the dark, musty depths of their closet. Their clothes shoes accessories are all in a mess. That pretty lace camisole bought in the summer of last year lies forgotten in the back of a huge cluttered pile of tops, jeans, dresses, skirts and everything else possible.

If you don’t know what you have, it is going to be comparatively difficult for you to dress up. Invitations sometimes arrive at the last moment with no time left to go buy that party dress [According to me last minute shopping is stressful and usually unproductive] But it is up to you to plan in advance. So take your time and re-arrange your clothes. Throw out what you don’t need, give it off to an orphanage if its in good condition. If its something you can modify to suit the current trend get it altered. Arrange all your clothes, accessories, everything you have so that when you’re dressing up in a hurry you know exactly where to find what. If you are suddenly invited to a party you know exactly where that hot little black dress is and you are sure that your heels are in good condition and not lost in a dusty mound of shoes.

I always keep my wardrobe updated. I do at times find it hard to discard some pieces which are so out of fashion and I hardly wear but editing clothes is important. It is no use keeping that ill fitting top you bought a gazillion years back, it will only take up space. If you can work it go ahead or else hand it over to someone else.

Be careful about leather and fur items [Being an animal lover I use only faux fur and would propagate its usage.] Keep your shoes dry and away from moisture. Just take care of everything you own to avoid last minute mishaps. If you have dresses which are low cut keep double sided tape handy [It works like a dream but be super careful with it] Get your jackets dry cleaned after use and be careful about keeping your shirt collars and cuffs clean.

Please iron clothes which need it. Nothing looks worse than a crumpled shirt. Even a gorgeous red carpet gown can look like a disaster if its creases are not steamed well. Keep the space you live in look clean, neat and fresh. It will make you feel happier and create positive energy.

Taking care of these small things will help you look super hot even if you have only ten minutes to spruce up. Don’t wait for a party to come up to go buy that glam dress at the last minute. If you see something you like, pick it up if its in your budget. Keep a few gold and silver accessories handy, [Usually either silver or gold would go with any colour.] but never mix the two metals unless you are Ricardo Tisci. You will go wrong. Invest in black, gold and silver footwear as well [Metallics look great for a night out] Most probably at least one of the above will go with your outfit. Lastly add a clutch or a tiny sling bag. And you’re ready to go!

Looking glam in five minutes is a cake walk,




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