Sunshine lovin’!

Bye bye winters! You will be missed. Winter is my favourite season of the year. Neither Bombay nor Bangalore witness the chilly winter temperature like Delhi, but I still like the mild cold and find it reason enough to pile on the clothes. A huge fan of layering I love mixing and matching different garments and accessories. It makes me a little sad to see the temperature soar and make it impossible to even wear a thin cardigan. But I have to face the fact and make my peace with it.

The one thing I love about spring summer is the huge collection of summer dresses. They are breezy, romantic and usually appropriate for most occasions. They look great with gladiators or ballet flats. Experiment with floral and graphic prints which are big this season, a plain bright colour which you can accessorize to the max to break the monotony, different cuts, lengths and styles. I love maxi dresses [Floor length summer dresses] which look very feminine and dramatic. Pair them with flats for a casual look and if the fabric is rich enough, with heels for a night out. Bring out your shorts and skirts as well. There are a million options on how you can style them. A well tailored waist coat can add the chic factor to your outfit and allow you to layer even in summers. Similarly sleeveless cardigans and jackets can also make you stand out. I absolutely hate flip flops and wouldn’t be caught dead in them, but if they work for you go ahead because they do keep the feet airy in the sweaty summer days. I would however recommend gladiators which look edgier and make it seem like you took some time to dress up even if you didn’t. Cheating is good.

I don’t believe that you need to spend a bomb to look good. Just a few quality pieces and other trendy ones can make your look incredible if styled well. Playsuits look really cute for the summer too and have made it to many runways this season. Since the clothing is minimal in the summer don’t forget to play up the accessories because you can get away with more. So have fun with it. Sling bags are really convenient to carry around and look super hot. You can buy then in neutrals or a bright colour to add that pop of colour to your outfit. For days when the sun is not making you melt or you need to use public transport, go for denims with flirty tops in bright colours. Gold is my favourite colour for accessories in the summer. It shines like a dream in the sun and gives the wearer a natural glow. White is big this season as seen on the runway of Dolce and Gabbana and a pretty white dress in cotton or lace can be the perfect date outfit.. So is chambray showcased by Chloe, D&G and Ralph Lauren. Can’t wait to get my hands on something chambray and fast!  Chandelier earrings are another favourite accessory. They can glam up any outfit but make sure that they go well with what you are wearing. If you don’t trust your own judgment ask your friends. When in doubt it’s always good to take a second opinion. Since its hot, I hate to say it, but on some days you just can’t let your hair down. Make the most of it and experiment with different hair styles which help you keep your hair off your neck. The fish braid is my favourite this season, it looks gorgeous and glamorous and can take you from day to night. Play with colours, prints, accessories, heels, bags, nail polish and make up. Use a fresh fruity perfume or body splash as well. It’s all about having fun and looking your best.

Be cute,




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