Love thy clothes

The great thing about fashion is re invention. The same trends come in style, go out of style and come back yet again. Thank God for the fashion cycle, nothing you buy can go to waste because it will come back if not in the next season, then in the one after. So, you don’t really need to discard anything, unless it is torn, ill-fitting or the fabric has become old-looking. My mantra to dressing up, is never wearing one thing twice in the exact same way.

What I mean by this is that don’t wear the same t-shirt with that same pair of jeans, the one matching necklace with that kurti, the same blouse with that skirt or the same shoes with those shorts. The key is to re invent. Spice it up. This is the best way to create an illusion of having more clothes than you actually own. I see so many people who go out looking for a matching top with the new skirt they bought. And as if stuck in some sort of style rut, they wear the blouse only with that skirt, with the same accessories et all. Trust me, it can never be that only that one top looks good on your new skirt. Plus, it makes your outfit boring especially to people who have seen it before. Pair the blouse with a pair of jeans and that skirt with a tank top. There are a million options. It is the same with accessories. Just because you bought those bangles to wear with a sari does not mean they won’t look good with something else.

Never wear the same look repeatedly. It will make you get bored with the clothes sooner. Even if you have worn the outfit  just thrice. This will lead to buying more clothes unnecessarily and make you feel like you have no clothes at all. So try to style your clothes differently every time you wear them. If you don’t really follow fashion and don’t understand how to team up your individual pieces differently, don’t worry. There are plenty of fashion magazines and websites to give you inspiration. Remember, get inspired don’t copy. Notice how a particular style of blouse is paired with different kinds of pieces. Then add your own personality to the look. Proportions are key when it comes to dressing up. As Gabrielle Chanel once said, “Fashion is architecture. It’s all about proportions.” So go out there and get inspired but get your proportions right! [More on proportions coming up soon]

You will realize that you can create multiple looks with the same basic clothes that you have if you mix and match. It will make dressing up more fun and you will not have to keep spending on new clothes all the time and you won’t get bored with what you have either.

Be creative,





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