Braid Mania

Evelina Mambetova

The fishtail braid trend became very popular last year for spring summer 2010! We spotted it on a bevy of celebrities like Rihanna, Fergie, Blake Lively, Vanessa Hudgens, Kim Kardashian and many more… It is understated, yet perfect even for red carpet glamour. You can sport the braid while wearing absolutely anything and everything. A good news  for all the braid lovers out there, the trend is here to stay! We caught the tress style we love so much on the spring summer 2011 runway of Nicolas K! This is how I wore the braid just a few days back. Tell me if you like it! Also, check out the models at Nicolas K. Hot, hot!



Basia S.

Yulia Leontieva

Basia S.



4 thoughts on “Braid Mania

    • Thank you Kavya! I always admired the way it looks but just recently learned how to make it myself and it’s EASY! So yay! 🙂 Oh, all the best for your exams by the way!!

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