Keeping it Posh!

Did i say 'Fierce' already?

Two things we know for sure about Victoria Beckham are that she married the hottest guy on the planet and that you can always trust her to bring her A game when it comes to fashion.  Girl always looks ‘Fierce’ [As termed by Christian Siriano] no matter what she wears. I have been the biggest fan of her style since the longest time. She has a keen knowledge of proportion, a fabulous sense of fit and a beautiful way of putting clothes together. She has forever been a visionary when it comes to fashion, predicting and acquiring hot items for the season before anyone can set their eyes on them. Of course, being a favourite among top designers doesn’t hurt. From her edgy hair-cuts to her waif-thin frame, from her over-sized glasses to her sky-high heels, Victoria knows how to keep the paparazzi on their toes and everyone else entertained. Doesn’t matter if she is watching a basketball game with her kids, running errands with her husband, attending meetings with her high-profile clients or setting the red carpet on fire, she comes off looking stunning, fresh and chic. She popularized a number of trends and is a true fashion icon who doesn’t shy away from taking risks; coming out a winner with the best styled looks because everything she touches turns to gold. Her label lets us have a piece of her design sensibility in our wardrobes. She is easily one of my favourite fashionistas. Hope you like her style too.




With her Birkin of course.

Jackets work wonders.

Black is sexy.


Laid back.

Flared pants.

Leather leggings! ❤


Effortless chic

Rocking a trench.

Skinny jeans!


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