Bad hair day

I am very fond of these gladiators. I have been wearing them since forever!

The shoes.

I love this sling bag because it was a gift from my roommates for my birthday. It looks good with almost everything.

The bag.

I love wearing multiple necklaces. Being a fan of layering I like to layer everything. My accessories as well!

The accessories.

Thats the look! This is a very unflattering picture but was in a hurry and this was the only full length one. Haha.

The whole outfit.

9 thoughts on “Bad hair day

  1. frankly the bag has layered trinkets, you have layered trinkets, the trousers have so much happening and suddenly the boring top and jacket are oh so plain with large gogs, there’s too much happening in some areas and almost nothing in some areas pushing the balance of the look out of bounds…. reduce the trinkets and work them out in the plain areas, maybe add in a few fun badges and maybe some Nazi patches with a beret hat or maybe a golf hat stylishly turned side ways with maybe a small chain or a badge over it too to give it a military look and instead of those awful trousers or stockings, use some nice colored leggings… some nice neon colored shoes… u complete the look baby…

    • Hi! Thank you for the reply. I appreciate that you can be frank about your opinion when you don’t like something. But this is how I dress up. I wasn’t trying to create some fancy dress sort of look with military influence or anything of that sort. Too bad you don’t like the pants because I freaking love them. I think the outfit looks quite balanced as well, its not like it has so much going on in any area that it is disturbing to the eyes. Stockings in this heat, are you serious! I don’t think so. The top might be boring to you but I think its simple and pretty. Anything neon would look horrible with the colour the top is. It wouldn’t compliment it at all. I think the look is pretty much complete the way it is and it goes with my personality and my personal style. Of course everyone has a different dressing sense and you would have styled it differently according to your design sensibility but this is how I like it. 🙂

  2. Amaaaazzziinnn!!! i want those gladiator !! i cant believe u still wear them n tht they r stilll … in a good shape !! n the pant … OMG!!! i wanttt!!! in short love the outfit muahh<3

  3. I love this look… very pretty and high-street 🙂 the crosses and those gladiators has totally made the look. I wanna see some frays on you, if you like em try it out. Its back again 🙂

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