Travel Guide!

Hello pretty people!

Sorry I have been missing in action for a while, been busy with a lot of things. Also I have been travelling quite a bit lately…  I have never been a big fan of travelling [To tell you the truth, I pretty much hate it!] but my job demands it and since I stay away from my parents I keep running back home every chance I get. So I thought I’d bring to you some of my travel essentials. Things I just can’t do without.

The first thing I make sure to have is an over sized bag to fit in all my things. I want it to be big enough for me to throw in as much as possible. I try to limit my baggage to just one big tote so that I can be comfortable, especially when travelling for just few days.

Chic bags!

Comfort is key while travelling. I make sure that my clothes and shoes are absolutely comfy. There is nothing worse than being cramped up in a seat and having to tug on your hemline. I know its a sin to say it, but give your heels a miss for this one and opt for cute flats. They can look just as chic plus they will keep your feet happy!

Comfy yet stylish!

The perfect travel shoes.

I can’t live without sunglasses, especially if I’m travelling in the afternoon. The best part is the wide variety… aviators, wayfarers, bug glasses… pick whatever goes best with your outfit.

Over - sized frames.

Super hot Ray Ban aviators.

Over sized square frame.

I always carry a stole or a thin shawl. It makes me feel snug and doubles up as a wrap.

Love the just - out - of - bed look.

Casual, comfy, coquette.

It’s wise to wear a jacket or cardigan because the weather might surprise you…

I ❤ denim jackets.

I always rely on perfume to make me feel better. Pocket your favourite scent with you to make you feel like a diva even though your mental state says otherwise.

This one is yummy!

The part I really dislike about travelling is that it messes up my hair. So I carry a leave – in conditioner. This one does the job for me but you can opt for one that is suitable to your hair texture.

Leaves my hair tangle - free!

Include a lip balm too. It’s a nightmare to reach your destination and have chapped, dry lips.

It is just like a lip gloss!

Being comfortable doesn’t mean dressing up like a slob. So keep that style quotient high and look your best!

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