Nicole Nicole

Denim cut - offs ❤

This month’s celebrity style icon on Lillynxxx is the petite fashionista Nicole Richie. I have always admired her style and the way she gives the impression of being completely effortless. She can rock the boho chic look like none other. With her breezy, carefree personality, her clothes talk for her and that is what I encourage everyone to do when they select their clothes. Make the clothes about YOU and YOUR individuality. Nicole has a very tiny frame and is wise with the garments she picks. Never picking clothes that overwhelm her small figure to avoid appearing like her clothes are wearing her. She is a fashion icon in her own right who popularized many a trends like wearing over sized sunglasses, printed maxi dresses and the side braid with fellow celebrities. She adds character to her clothes by accessorizing them in her way and carrying them off with her rockstar attitude. She has her own labels Winter Kate and House of Harlow with a gorgeous collection of boho outfits. She is one girl who isn’t afraid to experiment with hair colours and haircuts, dresses in varied lengths, colours and also prints. I like how she re invents herself but the essence of her look stays the same. Also, kudos to her for being extremely stylish and fashion forward even during her pregnancy. Now that is true dedication!

Let me know if you like her looks as much as I do!

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Hope you’ll are having a wonderful summer. I sure am!




Leather + Beanie :)

Leather + Beanie 🙂


Bundled up.

Some serious shades.

Fashionable mom = Fashionable kids

Tres casual but tres pretty

Posh in black.

Black Fedora!

Braids + Tassels + shorts = ❤

Love the scarf.

Pop of colour!

Cute as a button!


The Denim Jacket! ❤

11 thoughts on “Nicole Nicole

  1. Nice and she looks good. I like your photos from earlier posts too. Will follow you. take a look at my lifestyle blog too.

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