Smokey, tousled n pink!

I picked a white dress.

I picked a white dress.

There are two ways to get dressed for any occasion. One is to plan the look days in advance, meticulously looking after every detail right up to the choice of nail color and the other is to be thrown to the challenge of getting dressed in five minutes flat because an event just came up out of the blue, or a friend arrived unannounced at your door step or you just took way too long to plan, ultimately came up with nothing and now have only five minutes.

Fret not! The first thing to do is pick out the safest dress you have and a pair of heels [Can never go wrong with heels… unless you are going to a beach party…] Think safe! No time to experiment. The one dress you can rely on which is fuss free, works for almost every occasion and always makes you feel pretty! If you don’t have a dress like this I suggest you go shopping! RIGHT NOW!

Anyway, you have that dress on… now you look at your hair and suddenly realize you’re having the worst hair day ever… [Such realization only strikes in a crisis.] Look for a hair clutcher or hair pins, pull back all your hair, twist it at the back and pin it in place. Don’t worry if a few strands come off, a messy hairdo often looks better than a prim and proper one and gives a sexier look. This hair style in my opinion is perfect because it works on wavy, curly and straight hair. Also, the poof gives added volume in case your hair is looking limp.

Now to the make up… I don’t really believe in foundation… I prefer a tinted moisturizer which makes the skin glow while looking natural plus I don’t have the patience that the application of foundation requires. However if you do, go ahead! Keep kohl or liner handy at all times. You can make your eyes look lively with just a sweep! Just trace around the contours of your eyes… it should take hardly half a minute… use an eye pencil if not used to a liner brush. You can leave it at that or go for a smoky shadow for a dramatic look.

The last would be your pout… I think pink lipstick looks great on almost all skin tones. It is not as fancy as red lipstick but is still glamorous and fun. However, give it a pass if your dress is too colourful or in a loud tone. Trust your instincts. Go with a simpler lip gloss in that case.

If you find the right accessories, good for you! Put them on… but if you don’t, it’s alright. Don’t worry about it… you look great anyway. 😉

Dab on some perfume and you are set to go!

This is what I came up with when I had only five minutes to be glam. Hope it works for you too!

Photography: Mahathi

Ps: I will to flying back to Mumbai tomorrow for a two month-long stay! Looking forward to lots of pani puri, long chats with mum n dad, lazy walks on bandstand, Pirates of the Caribbean, a hectic work schedule, hanging out with all my friends and a hell lot of crazy shopping sprees.

Ah, Mumbai, how I have missed you…




Kohl alert.

I ❤ this bib necklace.

Grey n black shadow.

Cuffs look great with everything!

Messy waves.

Pop of PINK!

The poof!

My reliable silver gold heels.

Don't forget to wear a smile!


4 thoughts on “Smokey, tousled n pink!

  1. hey great post up…. nice photographs…. the points r gr8 and im sure a lot of women will appreciate wat u have written….. still im not sure about the messy hair look, this is not sumthing that evry1 can carry it off…. but im sure we have some alternatives for them too… looking forward for the alternatives post ups… 🙂

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