The Deyn Queen.

Love the hat and the bag!

Just how hot can one girl get! Supermodel Agyness Deyn undoubtedly has the hottest hair in the history of hair ever!!!! She is one of my favourite supermodels. While she can carry off any damn look on the ramp, on the glossies and at parties, her street style is quirky, eclectic and fun. She can pull off looks that hardly anyone can because of her effortlessly cool attitude and carefree personality, of course the hair helps. *winks* She single handedly made converse fashionable among the elite fashion world where the norm as you know is the higher the heel the better, by pairing them with dresses. She doesn’t always look put together, but that is what I like about her, she always keeps the audience guessing… with her semi grungy, semi androgynous, tom boy meets supermodel style. I love how she can switch between looking sexy, cute, boyish and quirky. Be it a simple band t shirt or a pair of skinny jeans, she can make heads turn and how! Probably the only model who could get away with falling flat on her arse at a runway show (Haiti Fashion Show for relief) getting up, smiling, taking off her heels, applauding herself with a bow and everything and making the audience think “Oh my God! She is fabulous!” Supermodels will come and go… but there can be only one Agyness Deyn. Absolutely love her style!
Hope you enjoy it too!

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Till then, much love!



Quirky cool

How cool can one girl get!

The funkiest girl in London, indeed! + love the shoes!

Always on her bike! Adorable!


The shoes! Drool!

She makes it her own. Everytime!

Androgynous at its best!

Goddess of effortless cool.

Only she can pull this off. Love the feminine dress with denim jacket combo.

Red Converse!! =)

❤ the wayfarers + the bag

Tres chic!


5 thoughts on “The Deyn Queen.

  1. i don´t know wht´s the fuzz around agy. great model but sometimes i get bored to see her :/. Gotta say.. good taste in man 😉 Albert is a genious!


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