Heart Alexa!

I keep talking about effortless chic, so today I thought I should write about the ‘Queen of effortless chic.’ The super stylish Alexa Chung! Those of you who don’t know who she is, please crawl out of your shells and pick up a fashion magazine. This girl regularly graces the covers of Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue and Elle in addition to being the face of Pepe Jeans earlier and currently Lacoste. Never have I seen her wear anything without making it her own. Even on the red carpet, she always makes sure that her outfit screams ALEXA a hundred percent. She is like a fresh breath of air when compared to the same old celebrities wearing the same old LBD’s and floor length gowns because she never fails to spice it up with either a chic jacket or edgy shoes. At all times keeping her outfit young, novel and of course effortlessly chic! What I mean to say by this is that she never looks like she tried too hard. Her wardrobe is an extension of her personality and it shows in every way. Usually it looks simple and just thrown – on. She is a perfectionist when it comes to layering her clothes and adding accessories. I love that she is hardly ever matchy – matchy when it comes to accessorizing and yet her look is perfectly put – together. I can keep raving about her forever! So I shall stop myself here and let you take a look at Her Awesomeness, Alexa Chung!




5 thoughts on “Heart Alexa!

  1. Getting to know a lot of new things through your blog. Loved Alexa’s pics. She reminded me of your stlying.:) She really looks chic!

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