I Didn’t Think

I have always loved browsing through my Dad’s closet looking for things I could steal… (It never was stealing because my Dad is a bit too generous.) I love pairing over sized guy clothes with the stuff that I have. So I was the happiest person when the boyfriend jacket and boyfriend jeans trend became oh – so – popular. I have never experimented with boyfriend jeans (Somehow I always want my jeans to fit perfectly even though it looks great on some people who can pull it off) but I was overjoyed when my sister designed a boyfriend jacket which I was ecstatic to inherit. I paired my boyfriend jacket with a plain black tent dress and transparent patterned stockings (A gift from Mum).  My black platform wedges (which look hot with everything – again thank you sister!) a multiple chain necklace and an oversized black patent leather clutch completed my outfit.

 Photography by Uma Damle




6 thoughts on “I Didn’t Think

  1. Hiiii Shinnu!
    This is just awesome….Btw we were talking about one of Baba’s shirt which is kept aside specially for you. Muuuuuah :-*

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