Rachel Zoe

Anybody who knows anything about Rachel Zoe or her work would inevitably be a huge fan. After creating numerous mind blowing red carpet looks for celebrities she very easily and fashionably widened her fan base with her book “Style from A to Zoe.” I must say, if you are a fashionista or even interested in fashion or just a regular person who doesn’t care that much about fashion but wants to look good, this; my pretties is a must read! Rachel is equipped with super human powers when it comes down to creating a look and she knows how to make a dress go from “Aw pretty!” to “OMG! Who are you wearing!” With her amazing sense of style, colour and proportion, it wasn’t a surprise when she launched her label of clothing that it came out to be impeccable. For her Fall 2011 collection Rachel took inspiration from her favourite era – the seventies and added a modern touch to it. I love the structured jacket and pants combo. The little party dresses are wearable and will make heads turn at any event. The colour palette was more or less black and white with a hint of camel, browns and pops of red. I absolutely love the fur outer wear! The styling of course is flawless. I feel every outfit in the collection is to die for, take a look for yourself! What’s not to love?




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