Hello pretty people!

Here is a post! Finally!

My friend Alo bought the most awesome sequined jacket with power – shoulders for me and I can’t stop obsessing over it! Here, I teamed it with a lavender sleeveless top which has an asymmetrical hemline  (Also gitfted. Thank you Megha!) and short shorts. I love the feminine cut work detail that the top has at the neckline. At last bought a new pair of shoes for myself. (Yay!) These are my new Penny Loafers! Have wanted to add a pair of loafers to my shoe collection since ages! And ever since I bought these I have been wearing these EVERY. SINGLE. DAY! You can tell it was love at first sight. I kept the accessories to a minimum. Just a simple black rosary and my over sized black patent leather clutch which I also carried here.

Also, my hair isn’t brown and blonde anymore… as it was here and in a few other previous posts. I got it colored black with bright purple streaks. You can’t really see the color in these pictures, but will try to do a shoot where the streaks are visible. 

Enjoy the pictures!

Photography by Uma Damle

Note to self: Be more dedicated to the blog. 




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