Happy Birthday, Beautiful!

I know this is total P.D.A. but bear with me people!

I can’t be too senti or too funny, so I’m just going to be “Me”. 

Well, to begin with let me state the obvious. I miss you. Immensely. More than anything else. If someone gave me a choice between a Chanel couture bag and just 5 minutes with you… I would, without hesitating for a second choose you. And YOU of all people know what THAT means. Haha.

So here is a list of things I miss.

1. Hugging you.

2. Talking about life and random stuff and laughing at things for reasons unknown to everyone else.

3. Shopping with you.

4. Eating and watching TV and fighting for “The” seat.

5. Then arguing about what to watch.

6. Then getting irritated because you refused to stop flipping channels even after deciding what to watch.

7. You messing up my hair when it was super short and then… even when it wasn’t. 😐

8. Deciding what to wear.

9. Borrowing your accessories.

10. Annoying you.

11. Getting annoyed by you.

12. Talking about clothes, designers, art and all things that matter.

13. Getting senti and crying over things. 

14. Watching Cardcaptors and Pokemon and Seinfeld and Friends and Oprah and Gossip Girl and Get Backers and Journey to the West and Full House and Bleach with you.

15. Playing really loud music, locking the door and singing really loudly.

16. Watching you stumble over things (That was always entertaining) and hoping you didn’t get hurt.

17. Trying to make random edible items out of the available stuff in the kitchen at 4 pm.

18. Taking permission for certain activities from Mum and Dad. 😉

19. Eating lots of cheese.

20. And chocolates

21. Watching Shahrukh Khan movies.

22. Just hanging out.

23. Loving, petting and feeding random dogs.

24. Stealing your shoes.

25. Fussing over you. My Undu!

Love you Munky!

You are the only one who can make so many colours look beautiful to me. I’m so, so proud of you. 

Be happy, dream big and know that I will always be there.

*A gazillion kisses* 

And for people who don’t know her. Here she is… Isn’t she lovely? 🙂






4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Beautiful!

  1. This is just so beautiful Shinnu! Dad and me just lived all these things all over again. You made me senti…and again my eyes have welled up while writing this reply. Love you both! Pray to GOD that you two are always there for each other till the end.AMEN!!

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