King Karl

This post to me, is a HUGE deal. I am not sure if I can do justice to the greatness of the person I am going to be writing about. But here goes nothing…

There are times in one’s life when they finally see, read or learn about someone or something and it just seems right. Perfectly right. Everything about that someone or something seems impeccable. Flawless. It might be a book, a movie, a conversation, a meal (for some people), a person, an event… anything. Anything that makes you see perfection.

Perfection. It is a beautiful word. Balanced… Calm… Almost serene. Like waves flowing across the sandy shore on a sunset evening. Forming those sublime patterns, effortlessly. As if they were just born to be perfect. Meant to be immaculate. Effortlessly. It is such a thrill to watch or to be with or to experience ‘that’ someone or something and not have a single negative thought about it or them. To take in the beauty, the talent, the excellence they come with. To have no other alternative but to appreciate the might, the magnitude, the transcendence. With an open and willing heart. To grasp as much of its light as possible.

The light of perfection. To learn from it. Worship it.

To know there can be no change or alteration which will make it better. It simply, already, is… perfect.

And here I give you… Perfection in two words.

Karl. Lagerfeld.

Designer. Photographer. Writer. Book publisher. Film maker.


PS: Yes, I love HIM. 🙂

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