Here’s Something Old…

Hello my pretties!

I finally decided to compile pictures of all the shoots I had styled for. Here are the pictures. You might have seen these before on facebook… but I wanted to have them all at one place… thus, this post. Do take a look.

Also, would like to take a moment to acknowledge that you guys have been very encouraging! Thank you for all your comments and emails and phone calls! I always want to know what you guys think about the posts and the blog… so please do not hesitate to comment… good, bad. ugly… would be welcome. πŸ™‚

Designer: Nisha Singh

Photographer: Shuchi Kalra

Model: Rhea Gupte

Stylist: All three of us.

This was an experimental shoot that we were doing. So everybody’s ideas were incorporated to create the looks.

Designer: Nisha Singh

Photographer: Balachandar Kaali

Model/Stylist: Rhea Gupte

These pictures were shot in Chikmangaloor (Hope I spelled it right) Isn’t it a lovely place? πŸ™‚

Photographer: Mahathi Meruga

Model/Stylist: Rhea Gupte

This jacket was so weird looking yet so hot!

Photographer: Rohit Arora

Model/Stylist: Rhea Gupte

This shoot happened almost four years back. The concept of using newspapers was mine, seemed very original then. But I think its too ‘Done’ now… still like the pictures though… πŸ™‚

Photographer: Roy Sinai

Model/Stylist: Rhea Gupte

Had just bought this dress at a very heavy discount from Splash. Still remember how happy I was… πŸ™‚
Also wornΒ here.Β 

Designer: Shreelekha Gupta (Jacket) and Neha Gupte (Skirt)

Photographer: Uma Damle

Model/Stylist: Rhea Gupte

I did this shoot for last semester’s end term project. That was one jury where I totally killed it! πŸ™‚

Photographer: Chandrakant Shah

Model/Stylist: Rhea Gupte

Wore every single necklace I owned at that time… I love how they all go so well together…

This was some of my old’ish’ work. Bursting with ideas… There will be a lot more, so keep visiting!

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6 thoughts on “Here’s Something Old…

  1. incredible work re …keep it up..good luck for future you sweetheart…!!!
    your work , pictures, styling etc is so captivating and honestly it is of such good use to me:P:P thanks..!!

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