Need Help Shopping?

It has been a while since I did a post on my favourite runway looks. Since designers are busy showcasing their pre – fall 2012 collections in New York, I thought it would be a good time to put a few of my favourite looks from the collections on my blog. These will definitely help you make guidelines for your next trip to the mall. Do try to recognize which styles/cuts you like and what would look good on your body and what would best suit your personality. Try to keep it in the back of your head the next time you are off to add new items to your wardrobe. You don’t have to look for the exact same pieces because those will be really hard to find but look for elements that you like… maybe a particular fabric… a particular length… a specific colour palette… or just the overall look and feel of the ensemble… 


By far DKNY is my personal favourite. The garments are extremely wearable and one can easily imagine wearing these for all sorts of occassions. Add a few chunky accessories for a night out, a blazer for a formal meeting and flats and an over sized tote for an afternoon shopping spree. The collection uses a lot of lace which gives it a super girly and feminine look. (Great to wear on that first date 😉 ) The sarong-style tie waist skirt dress in graphic print is edgy yet sophisticated. All the pieces with floral/cherry prints are to die for! They can spice up any wardrobe! Stripes and sheers are also big. Do go scouting for these, since these are two trends which every girl must have in her wardrobe. I find the leather skirt fascinating, and I love the way they teamed it with a sheer, nude blouse. I feel the contrast creates a sort of a mystery about the wearer. Definitely, a fun collection, with lots of room to mix and match and play around.

Elie Tahari

Mixed prints, bright hues and a neon – duct tape inspiration gave rise to an Elie Tahari collection which looked younger than their usual showcases. The choice of colours is beautiful and they go enchantingly well with each other… almost reminding me of the wings of a butterfly. The skirt with a portion of python print looks chic. Since python prints have been on my radar and have been recently added to my closet, I’m loving its appearance on the pre – fall 2012 runway… which clearly means the trend is here to stay for a while. 🙂

Michael Kors

Michael Kors always brings it with a lot of style and panache. Be it pairing a simple black full sleeves sweater with checkered pants or a calf length dress with bad ass boots. And the pre – fall collection was Kors to the core. Iconic were the ‘short – in – front/long – at – the – back’ skirts (Which I have been lusting over for months!) and the selection of the brightest red and aqua shades. Chunky black waist belts and shoes completed the looks. The finale garment with the lace detail reminds me of the medieval gothic/romantic era. Absolutely love/want it!

Rachel Roy

Rachel Roy’s pre – fall collection screamed effortless chic. The low neckline, the simple drapery, the ‘longish’ lengths and the Art – Deco feel add to the elegant and easy – going style. 

Pringle of Scotland

Layering was the key word for Pringle of Scotland by Alistair Carr… so much that they even extended it to the shoes, where panels can come off as per the wearer’s mood and liking. How cool is that! The beautiful cashmere sweaters bring the traditional Pringle style to the collection and the neon orange pops in the ensemble come as a pleasant surprise. Love all the way!

St. John

You can count on George Sharp to make a dull colour palette of greys and blacks and browns look hot and happening. I love everything about these garments. The tailored jackets, the Audrey Hepburn – esque cropped pants, the sequined maxi skirt and the black dress with shoulder cutouts are all going to be on my wishlist. A marvelous collection which is as simple as it is alluring.

These were my picks from the pre – fall 2011 collections. Hope you enjoyed the post and the clothes…

I find designer collections very inspiring. It helps to remember the looks you like and would want to incorporate into your wardrobe for the next time you go shopping… rather than being clueless. Of course, it isn’t necessary to follow each and every trend off the runway but at least knowing trends can make you a smarter shopper. 




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