I still remember my three-year old self waddling around the house in a jacket, 7 sizes too big for me and being the happiest person in the world. The jacket belonged to my Dad. It ended way below my knees. It was made of the softest material one can imagine. I wore it every night. Proudly zipping it up every time. And as days passed by… it got shorter and older and started fraying from the edges. It was never fashionable of me to wear it (not that the three-year old me cared about that, then) not a piece you would ever see in Vogue, but damn, I loved that jacket. It still reminds me of a simpler time when my only concerns in life were wearing a matching hat to nursery school, carrying a backpack and a water bottle. It’s funny how certain material possessions become way more than what they are.

When there are so many memories attached to them the object seizes to be an object and becomes a sort of companion. A companion who saw you through so many things in your life. Was in some strange way, there for you. With you. Making you feel comfortable and almost better when things went wrong.

I still remember the first pair of heels I ever tried on. They were handed down to my sister by our cousin. They were the most beautiful shoes I had ever seen. They were white pumps with a strap running across which you could snap shut with a giant silver buckle. And, of course, they had a block heel. I was six years old. The shoes fit my sister perfectly but didn’t come even close to fitting me. Yet I pranced around in them all over the house. The shoes didn’t last long enough for me to be able to wear them outside. But I remember seeing my sister wearing them and looking very stylish. Maybe someday I’ll get a pair custom-made for myself just to take me back to that time…

Everyone has made mistakes in their life and I clearly remember one that my sister and I made which was horrible. We were very young and my sister, being the mini fashion designer that she is, liked to cut all sorts of fabric (which wasn’t supposed to be cut) remove gemstones from accessories (which weren’t supposed to be removed) and as such find extremely strange and destructive ways to express her creative.

 I, of course, helped.

My Mom had the most beautiful earrings and a diamond studded comb clip. (The one that has comb teeth and you can use it to clip your hair) These things were ‘so’ old! From my mother’s childhood… you couldn’t even expect a ten-year old to understand. We, obviously, removed each one of the diamonds from both the pieces. My Mom was beyond furious! Enraged! Infuriated! We didn’t understand at the time. But today I realize what a huge crime that was. She must have had so many memories attached to those things… They must have been so much more than just a pair of earrings to her.

It’s beautiful how some things can give so many reminiscences and so much joy. They say that the best things in life are not things. But sometimes they are. Because sometimes all you can hang on to are things. To remind you of the wonderful time you had. And to take you back to that time.

Dedicated to my beautiful room mates Shuchi Kalra, Shatabdi Biswas and Nisha Singh who won’t be my room mates anymore…

You have created some of the most cherished memories in my life. And I will hang on to as many things as I can to remind me of those times.



Photography credits Yvette Inufio Photography,


10 thoughts on “Reminiscence…

  1. Simply beautifully written! Just as you realize now the value of the clip and earrings I too realize my folly in getting furious over ‘that’ mishap. You two were just but kids then!!

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