I love starry nights! I could lie down and stare at the stars for countless number of hours. And when Dolce & Gabbana made starry prints fashionably fabulous (Look Here) I knew I needed to have some (Read lots) of stars in my wardrobe. I teamed this dull-blue sleeveless top with star print with simple black skinny jeans. Since the outfit is really simple I added a few accessories. My bib necklace went really well with the top… it almost looks like it is an extension to it. I have wanted a ring with multiple finger slots since the longest time and my awesome room mate Shuchi ( :* ) gifted me one a few days back. Its so pretty! I love it! Also wearing a lot of gold bangles and my platform heels. I braided my hair and clipped it on the other side to make it look like a hair band. Since it is vacation time I have a lot of free time to experiment with things like these. 🙂

Here are the pictures!

PS: Listening to Lazarus. Such a pretty song! 🙂




8 thoughts on “Lazarus

  1. 🙂 how cute. By the way the emcee from Disney was even cuter in Mantri mall on Wednesday:D Any clue who she is??Easily the prettiest girl in Bangalore;) I was spellbound!! The event was Meet Cindrella and this Cindrella in the maroon dress was even more gorgeous than the Cindrella herself!Kindly find out who this girl is and by the way BFW auditions tomorrow will u be there?Cheers

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