Runes To My Memory

Wish you all a Merry Christmas! 🙂

There is something about Christmas that makes me really happy. Maybe it’s the gifts, the decoration, the ‘kind – of’ cold weather in Mumbai, the whole fantasy aspect to it, the lights, the sweets or just the cheer around. I was going to do a different post today. But I thought I’d share my Christmas outfit with you guys instead.

I found this really pretty black floral print dress. I wore it with sheer dotted stockings since it’s a bit cold at night. I accessorized with a multiple chain necklace, a statement ring, over-sized hoop earrings and a studded belt. My black loafers and black studded bag completed the outfit. I added a pop of colour with bright pink lips and nail polish. I love the detailing the dress has at the back so I tied my hair in a side ponytail instead of leaving it loose to show the back.

Here are the pictures!

Have a wonderful Christmas and spread the cheer!



PS: Yes, I know I was supposed to buy something red… but some habits seldom die… 🙂


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