MK and Ash

I have been wanting to do a Celeb Style post about the Olsen twins for the longest time. They are an inspiration to hundreds of street style bloggers out there and definitely to me. What I love about Mary Kate and Ashley is that they are the epitome of being original. They won’t try to be like someone, dress like the other celebs are dressing or be affected by criticism which is thrown at them by numerous tabloids. They just do what they want to do, wear what they feel comfortable in and always come up with the most original ideas, outfits and colour palettes. Also, even though they are worth billions and billions of dollars, they still repeat shoes and jeans and sunglasses! How cool is that! And their dressing sense is not ‘I’m a millionaire and I have money to be in Prada from head to toe’ but is comfortable, creative and real. (Though they can without a doubt be in Prada from a hundred heads to a hundred toes.) Their red carpet looks are unpredictable and they are breath of fresh air from the same old, been-there-done-that dresses and gowns. I absolutely love their label The Row. It is effortless chic and screams MK and Ash. Among all this, the fact that they look stunning doesn’t hurt one bit. I’m such a huge fan… I am falling short of words… So I will take you straight to the pictures of their awesomeness!





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