Stone In Love

2011 was all about prints. And animals as prints were in the forefront. From Prada’s chimps to Ricardo Tisci’s Rottweilers, a number of animals prowled down the runways and made us all want more and more of them. And for all of you who collected such printed clothes and accessories, be happy cause this trend is here to stay as showcased in the pre – fall 2012 collections! Yay!

Here, I’m wearing a scarf with zebras printed on it. I loved it the first time I saw it… I find it eclectic. I teamed it with a simple cream-coloured cotton top and my pleather pants (Also worn HERE). I accessorized with tortoise shell glares, (Aren’t they pretty?) a brown bag, a chunky cream ring and my black penny loafers. I am also wearing a necklace with an owl pendant which are really common now so I hardly ever wear it… but I still can’t stop liking it… especially when it looks at me with those adorable, big, green eyes… 🙂

PS: Loving the new year already! This year I am going to have an entire list of resolutions. Hope I manage to abide. 🙂


Rhea Tortoise Shell Sunglasses – Asos
Scarf – Gifted
Necklace – Pantaloons
Top – Random street shop
Pleather Pants – Splash
Ring – Ayesha
Bag – Globus
Loafers – Pink Paisley


4 thoughts on “Stone In Love

  1. Love all the elements in this look and the way it’s put together. Especially that bag and the ring combination is to die for. And the scarf is adorable. Wish we could have done a shoot with this look 😦

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