Codes and Keys

I know I have worn this skirt in the Lookbook posts way too many times. But I love it so much! And this is going to officially be the last one. Well, the skirt I love is not… well… in a wearable condition anymore. So, may it rest in peace.

I am wearing a black polo – neck top with a black full – sleeve cardigan, black aviators and my almost (not really) Birkin bag. 😉 I added some colour to the outfit with a bright orange waist belt and bright blue velvet ballet flats. (In love with these!)
Enjoy the pictures!

The skirt will be terribly, terribly missed.

Until the next post!



PS: Too busy with moving to the new house and getting settled there so might post less often. Do keep emailing and commenting though! Much love!

Aviators – Splash
Polo neck top, cardigan, belt – Random street shops
Skirt – Gifted
Shoes – La Judi
Bag – Splash


2 thoughts on “Codes and Keys

  1. I can understand why you love that skirt so much – Its gorgeous! And I’ve been lusting over shoes just like those for a while now. Lovely outfit ❤

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