For the Boys

All my guy friends have been telling me to write something for them. But I don’t really know/follow much of men’s fashion. I just like guys to keep it simple in a crisp white shirt or a nice t – shirt and well – fitted jeans. I am totally cool with that. 🙂

However, a few daring ones actually break out of their comfort zone and are a bit more daring with their choice of clothing and turn out impeccably dressed. So here is a list of things that I think look very fashionable on men.

1. Sunglasses (Only during the day. NOT at night or in a club or indoors) Wayfarers look good too.

2. Scarves and skinny ties

3. Layering (Sweater over shirt, jacket over t – shirt, checkered shirt over t – shirt, denim jackets, leather jackets – where the weather permits,  waist coats – on some, bow ties – on some… mix it up)

4. Socks – If your socks have a nice print or are striped or are nice as such wouldn’t mind seeing a centimeter or so from under the pants. Adds a nice touch. (Look at the picture below)

5. Shoes! Just keep them clean. 🙂 I love oxfords and loafers on guys.

6. A watch (Prefarably with a big dial and leather strap. Nothing too blingy)

7. A sling bag. Clean, neat, prefarably leather.

8. Do wear perfume. (I love Davidoff Cool Water and Emporio Armani Diamonds)

9. I don’t like pink on guys. But that is just a personal choice. Many of them pull it off really well.

10. If you wear formals, make sure everything fits really well. It can end up looking very sloppy if it doesn’t.

Just be comfortable and confident…

Here are some pictures by Tommy Ton of some of the best dressed men in the industry. I love, love, love Tommy Ton to the verge of being almost stalker – ish! Enjoy the flawlessness!




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