Creating Beauty

I have always found editorial shoots fascinating. I love to flip through magazines as soon as I buy them and look at the in between pages for the fashion story of the month. The latest trends in hair, makeup, clothes and accessories all come alive in those few pages. I love to see beyond the images… to notice how the stylist created a mood, a scenario, by teaming just the right pieces with each other. How the makeup artist used a face as a canvas and expressed their part of the narration. How the photographer ever so tenderly took care of each and every aspect before the model came on set. How the model effortlessly embodied the imagination of everyone around her and made beautiful pictures happen.

It’s alluring… the whole process of creating pictures which stun.

Pictures which make you feel like knowing the person in them. Ones which draw you towards them in such a way that by the time you realize it, you have already been staring for too long. Images which take you to another time, place, and another you. Which make you feel emotions that flow out of nowhere and have no reason for their existence. Ones which make you look twice at them. Entrancing you. Ones which mesmerize.

I love looking at beautiful pictures and thinking of all that went into the making of that one shot… chosen among hundreds which leaves everyone spellbound… seemingly perfect in every way.



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