Geek Chic!

These are pictures from a styling assignment I did recently where I had to style a simple white t – shirt on my room mate Anushi (Who is also an awesome photographer. You can see her work for my blog here and here.)

I picked the theme Geek Chic for the look. I paired the white t – shirt with a polka dotted high – waist midi – skirt and a fitted black blazer. I played up on the geek element with purple framed glasses and a bow brooch with lace detailing. I added some colour to the ensemble with an orange waist belt and super hot red sling back heels. The hair was tied in a loose messy braid which can be a quick fix for a bad hair day…



PS: Please excuse my horrible photography skills. 

Blazer – Tibetan Shopping Centre
T – Shirt, belt – Random street shop
Skirt – Gifted
Shoes – Zara
Bow Brooch – Westside

2 thoughts on “Geek Chic!

  1. Its a lovely outfit, especially the skirt !
    And it is perfect for the theme, though I feel that the blazer being a little shorter would have looked even better.

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