Little Wing

Hello pretty people!

Here is a quick short outfit post. Hope you like it.

I’m wearing a grey blazer over a green shirt which I teamed with a floral high-waist skirt. Black stockings, black loafers and a black velvet bow brooch (love!) complete the look. I’m also wearing black wayfarers and  carrying an over-sized patent leather clutch.

I feel real guilty for not being able to post regularly and cover more of  pre-fall 2012, however, do keep visiting because a lot of fun posts are lining up just for you!



PS: Broke these wayfarers recently 😦 Too many things are getting broken/ruined.

Blazer – Designed by sister
Wayfarers, shirt – Gifted
Bow brooch – Westside
Skirt – Tibetan shopping centre 
Stockings – Le Bijou
Loafers – Pink Paisley
Clutch – Splash


Codes and Keys

I know I have worn this skirt in the Lookbook posts way too many times. But I love it so much! And this is going to officially be the last one. Well, the skirt I love is not… well… in a wearable condition anymore. So, may it rest in peace.

I am wearing a black polo – neck top with a black full – sleeve cardigan, black aviators and my almost (not really) Birkin bag. 😉 I added some colour to the outfit with a bright orange waist belt and bright blue velvet ballet flats. (In love with these!)
Enjoy the pictures!

The skirt will be terribly, terribly missed.

Until the next post!



PS: Too busy with moving to the new house and getting settled there so might post less often. Do keep emailing and commenting though! Much love!

Aviators – Splash
Polo neck top, cardigan, belt – Random street shops
Skirt – Gifted
Shoes – La Judi
Bag – Splash

Free Fallin’

Only five weeks for the fall collections to be out!

Super excited! 🙂

I’m wearing a denim jacket over a black and white graphic print t-shirt and black skinny jeans. I accessorized with lots of black and white beaded necklaces and a couple of silver chains and my black aviators. I’m also wearing grey flats which I had also worn HERE. Carrying my replica of a Birkin bag. Sigh! To have the real thing…

Flying back to Bangalore tomorrow. Looking forward to meeting all my friends again and a new home, a new semester and a new experience.



PS: I’m so bored of clicking pictures of myself (I’m not even good at it)… can’t wait for some ‘real’ photographers to click me. 🙂


Aviators – Splash
Denim Jacket – Leelan
T – shirt – Random street shop
Jeans – Tibetan Shopping Centre
Shoes – Pink Paisley
Necklaces – Too many in there… please don’t make me do this 😉
Bag – Splash 

Preparing For Fall

Here are some updates from the pre – fall collections again! Woohoo! 🙂

Alice + Olivia

What can I say about this collection! So, totally in love! Every look is just so perfect. I would love to buy the whole collection… Alright! Enough said! Look for yourself… 🙂


Dan and Dean Caten know how to layer clothes and they know it well. The green velvet jacket is my favourite piece from their collection. Its something that can be a bit hard to style but when you get it right, its going to be fabulous! The geek chic glasses add a fun element to the outfits. The two LBD’s are to die for. Hot, hot!

Emporio Armani

I have always loved androgynous outfits. Mr. Armani does them well, of course. The polka – dotted pants are definitely going on to my wishlist. These outfits are extremely versatile. You can wear them to work, to a night club, to an afternoon soiree or to a dinner just with a few minor changes. I like clothes which can be worn anywhere… 🙂


I added something for all the mature readers. Erdem Moralioglu does a super job of making garments for the older woman. The prints are interesting and the neutral tones give ample room to accessorize. A few bright accessories and you are good to go!

Moschino Cheap and Chic

Here is a fun, fun, fun collection! The designs, the colour, the shoes, the accessories! I just want to eat everything up! Its perfect for everyone like me who love to experiment with their dressing. And its just so fun! Um… did I already say that? 🙂 Designer Rossella Jardini definitely deserves a peck!

Hope you enjoyed some of my favourite looks from the pre – fall collections. I thoroughly enjoyed creating this post. Gives me so many ideas for additions and modifications in my wardrobe. Hope it inspired you as well.



PS: Apologies for all the strange white spaces between the pictures. Will take care of it next time.

Stone In Love

2011 was all about prints. And animals as prints were in the forefront. From Prada’s chimps to Ricardo Tisci’s Rottweilers, a number of animals prowled down the runways and made us all want more and more of them. And for all of you who collected such printed clothes and accessories, be happy cause this trend is here to stay as showcased in the pre – fall 2012 collections! Yay!

Here, I’m wearing a scarf with zebras printed on it. I loved it the first time I saw it… I find it eclectic. I teamed it with a simple cream-coloured cotton top and my pleather pants (Also worn HERE). I accessorized with tortoise shell glares, (Aren’t they pretty?) a brown bag, a chunky cream ring and my black penny loafers. I am also wearing a necklace with an owl pendant which are really common now so I hardly ever wear it… but I still can’t stop liking it… especially when it looks at me with those adorable, big, green eyes… 🙂

PS: Loving the new year already! This year I am going to have an entire list of resolutions. Hope I manage to abide. 🙂


Rhea Tortoise Shell Sunglasses – Asos
Scarf – Gifted
Necklace – Pantaloons
Top – Random street shop
Pleather Pants – Splash
Ring – Ayesha
Bag – Globus
Loafers – Pink Paisley

Nine Million Bicycles

Because I just felt like wearing something really comfy…

I am wearing an over-sized grey jumper with a polka dot wrap around maxi skirt. Also worn HERE. I accessorized with silver feather earrings, multiple silver chains and a grey satin clutch. I recently bought these grey flats. Aren’t they adorable? 🙂 

Also, I want to thank everyone for your comments and emails! I have been receiving many suggestions and one of them is to add where I bought the stuff that I am wearing from. So will be adding that from this post onward at the end of all the pictures. I’m sure many of you will be happy. 🙂 However I shop a lot from off the streets… from little shops and stalls so will be mentioning those items as ‘Random Street Shop’. 

Enjoy the pictures and do keep visiting and commenting and emailing.

Love to you all!



Grey jumper – Random street shop.
Chains – Too many of them in there. One is from Splash. The cross one is from Guapo. The rosary is gifted. Can’t remember where I got the rest from.
Polka dot Maxi skirt – Gifted.
Shoes – Pink Paisley.
Clutch – Pink Paisley.
Silver Feather Earrings – Reliance Trendz. 

MK and Ash

I have been wanting to do a Celeb Style post about the Olsen twins for the longest time. They are an inspiration to hundreds of street style bloggers out there and definitely to me. What I love about Mary Kate and Ashley is that they are the epitome of being original. They won’t try to be like someone, dress like the other celebs are dressing or be affected by criticism which is thrown at them by numerous tabloids. They just do what they want to do, wear what they feel comfortable in and always come up with the most original ideas, outfits and colour palettes. Also, even though they are worth billions and billions of dollars, they still repeat shoes and jeans and sunglasses! How cool is that! And their dressing sense is not ‘I’m a millionaire and I have money to be in Prada from head to toe’ but is comfortable, creative and real. (Though they can without a doubt be in Prada from a hundred heads to a hundred toes.) Their red carpet looks are unpredictable and they are breath of fresh air from the same old, been-there-done-that dresses and gowns. I absolutely love their label The Row. It is effortless chic and screams MK and Ash. Among all this, the fact that they look stunning doesn’t hurt one bit. I’m such a huge fan… I am falling short of words… So I will take you straight to the pictures of their awesomeness!